Hardness Testers

plně automatizovaný mikrotvrdoměr HARDCON

We offer reliable and accurate solutions for hardness and microhardness testing. You can find table and portable hardness measuring devices for measuring according to Vickers, Knoop, Rockwell, Brinell, and Leeb. We deliver the necessary clamping tools (standard and customized) and calibrated test blocks for hardness testers.

Comsumable for Metalography

We supply the consumables of a leading European manufacturer with whom we have very good experience both in terms of the life of abrasive materials and the effectiveness of chemical products. The results that can be achieved with these materials clearly outweigh the care that their developers care about and at the same time reflects on the practice of the laboratories.

Metalography and Microscopy

In the field of material evaluation based on image analysis, the highest emphasis is placed on product quality. Devices are pre-tested to provide high-level work comfort and top-class results. Strong emphasis is also placed on digitization and postprocessing.