About Us

Who we are

The company HardCon was founded in 2016 as a headquarters of sales and service of testing machines, instruments and consumables for metalography, supplied from progressive manufacturers, who are strongly oriented on real demands of customers from industrial laboratories. In the field of sales we cover the area of Central and Eastern Europe, in the field of service we cover the whole Europe. We rely on our long-term experience with the products produced by our partners. Many of their products have been sold under the brand names of the world's best-known players. We have a direct connection to the manufacturer, which gives our customers invaluable options. We offer high-value products that are focused not only on accuracy and number of functions, but also on long lifetime, reliability and ease of use. The devices are designed as extremely robust products, with controls adapted not only to laboratory conditions but also to the production requirements. Very often, it is preferable to operate the mechanical controls instead of the soft keys, so that it can be controlled even in very demanding conditions.

We offer comprehensive services and solutions

HardCon builds on a full range of customer service. A good, functional lab does not just do the machines and its employees, but also the experience, the well-being and the willingness of its suppliers of instruments, consumables and technologies. HardCon offers verification of appropriate sample preparation technology in the laboratory and professional service support at the European service center with a number of spare parts on the stock. In addition, we offer our customers consultancy and servicing using remote control or videoconferencing. These modern ways of communication save the time when machines cannot work and the financial costs of visiting our specialist.

We strive to build a strong, long-term relationship with every customer, with a thorough knowledge of the detailed conditions of each operation we are able to improve our services continuously, and we can target Your needs more precisely. We are looking forward to collaborate with You!