Chambers and machines for testing

In today's global world, it is important to maintain and maintain a quality standard, whether in production, research or development. Our company can offer you various types of test chambers and test instruments. In cooperation with the sales or development team of our partners we will design a solution according to your needs and financial possibilities.

In our company we cooperate with producers of test chambers and equipment using components of world producers. This allows us a high degree of adaptation to customer requirements, be it unusual size, function, load limits, etc. With us you will be assured of quality testing tools of all kinds.

Test chambers:

  • climatic
  • thermal
  • corrosive
  • etc.

Testing machines:

  • Mechanical properties - tests of tensile, compression, bending, torsion strength both static and dynamic.
  • Electrical properties - load tests, on / off test devices, magnetic field generators, static electricity simulators,…